The e -commerce market is an attractive and dynamic sector since a few years. E-commerce has evolved thanks to mobile applications, which open various perspectives. Overall, the number of sites increases exponentially according to the evolution of technology and consumer expectations. Purchasing patterns are changing regularly causing an upheaval in logistics and data processing. With the emergence of mobile applications, the range of possibilities is unlimited. Users visit more E- commerce sites via mobile, to search for information related to products and services. More and more applications with geolocation develop whether to find they future boyfriend, girlfriend, to find their ways, or even to receive advertisements .

As supply will exceed demand, there will be opportunities for all those who dare to challenge. With the internet, businesses can reach customers all over the planet, it is, for example, the case installed off the curtain market in China. If the average age of employed and self is between 28 and 30 years, it is certainly because the industry is young, dynamic, not fixed in a structure and attractive at various levels. Employment in the e-commerce sector is changing significantly every year.

SEO work allows establishing the continuity of traffic and sales over time, the use of advertising levers enables e-merchants to generate 20 to 60% of their turnover. Each company sets its SEO method according to its financial capabilities.

E-commerce B2C market is characterized by a mass market, hyper-competitive and general. B2C online retailers will need to define a simple and competitive pricing strategy (price alignment), retain customers and serve them by developing close customer relations and quality of service. Conversely, the B2B e-commerce market is a niche market and expertise.

You should know that the country that is the best in the e-commerce sector is China with the boom in online sales, sales explode, due to the rise of the middle – class , technology , globalization. Amazon largest worldwide leader in e- commerce in the world is struggling to be in the top 3 in China, behind This is why more and more e- commerce companies want to settle in China. To facilitate the implementation in that country, there use consulting agencies.

The development of E -commerce on mobile and tablets is the consequence of the increasing mobility of consumers and ease permitted by this new mode of purchase. It is a constantly changing market, we must quickly adapt to customer needs.

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