Communicate in Chinese

When traveling abroad ,we often realize that the language barrier is a real obstacle. So,we all learned a universal language with the hands, which is more or less well understood in the different countries. However, in China they set up a system with only one hand in order to explain numbers (see picture below) which greatly facilitates communication with foreigners and also the negotiation between Chinese people and foreigners(now sports favorites for foreigners coming to China )

Speaking in Chinese

Speaking Chinese is not always easy because the language barrier is very high. French and Chine are really different in term of language.The use a lot more signs to express themselves called “han zi ” that are everywhere in the streets of Chinese cities compared to us. To learn these “han zi” it takes many years for foreigners because they are hundred of them to learn. Also be aware that most Chinese do not speak English, which increases the difficulty to exchange with them; general merchants know a few words, but that’s all.

But nowadays, many instant translation have developed. This is for example the case of  Microsoft, which just unveiled the experimental version of its new oral translation service in real time, called Skype Translator. This new translation method will allow an English speaker to chat with a German colleague with a sufficiently good translation quality for leisure conversations.

On the field

This is for example the case of Anaïs who arrived in China for an internship to study in a business e-commerce. She studies Chinese for 3 years before coming to China but she still have difficulties to express herself. This is also the case of some French business leaders who decided to create their company in Asia but who said they had difficulties to communicate.

Consultant for China - Communication in Chinese.PNG

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