panelists China

Panelists in China: Daxue Research, Hurun RI, CSER

Panelists in China

Who are the panelists in China

According to the Shanghai Academics of Social Sciences (SASS) think tank industry research of 2014, the top 10-influence governmental think tank institutions in China includes: Development research center of the state council, CASDR, Fudan University, Beijing University, Tsinghua University, China Center for International Economic Exchanges (CCIEE)… The responsibilities of those institutions can be concluded into four main aspects: researching on the economic issues, carrying out economic exchanges, promoting the economic cooperation and providing consulting service.

panelists China

There are famous non-governmental think tank institutions in China, which are: Daxue Research, China Society of Economic Reform (CSER), Hurun Research Institute and Horizon Research Consultancy Group.

China Society of Economic Reform

The main responsibility of China Society of Economic Reform (CSER) is undertakes the research project of China economic system reform from government and other authorities.

Daxue Research

Daxue Research

Daxue Research Consulting group conducts quantitative and qualitative consumer researches for enterprises, government and non-governmental institution. Their projects are managed from proposal to presentation by professionals with years of market research experience in China from top corporations and universities. Daxue Research is specific from other consulting firms in China by its university connections and unique data-gathering network which allows it to cover all China in every field of business.

Hurun Research Institute


Hurun Research Institute is specialized in the rich list, founded by an independent researcher Hurun, it also produce ‘Hurun Philanthropy List’, a ranking of the most generous individuals in China, and the ‘Hurun Contemporary Art List’, a ranking of the top fifty living Chinese artists based on their sales of art at public auction.

In addition, the famous B2C Company, Tmall founded a website in 2013 to provide the Panelist activity online, which is a new form of Panelist acitivity.

Horizon Research Consultancy Group


Horizon Research Consultancy Group can provide quantitative and qualitative research subject for enterprises, government and non-governmental institution. The research areas they expert in are real estate, finance and insurance and tobacco industry.

The advantage of Panelist activity

The growth rate and development of private enterprise are faster in China in past 20 years, and that are thanks to the leadership and ability of founder. However, with the scale of enterprise’s expansion, the managerial problems are emerged at the same time. The panelist activity can be a method to solve these managerial problems and the advantage of it can be concluded in three aspects :

  1. More professional and rational way to solve the problems
  2. Best solution generating from contending discussion
  3. More resources from the panel and can bring more opportunities

Besides, according to seminar of Think Tanks of 2013, the advantages of panelist activity is, it understand the demands of target customers clearly, which are reliable basis for decision-making. Secondly, the decisions of panelist are focusing on the coordination and harmony of main problems or obstacles in the enterprise, which is good for decision-making. Thirdly, timeliness and predictability are also the advantage of Panelist activity, which is timesaving for the customers. Finally, the advantage of Panelist activity is different experts who have the international and historical experiences are good for decision-making, mistakes should be reduced, which is the important premise of successful decisions.

The focus group or the private consultant, are also other ways to provide the advice or solutions to the enterprises. The focus group can provide the different point of views for the customers, which means it is a way to collect various opinions from different people. However, the drawback of focus group is obvious, since they cannot make the final decision for the customers. Other methods like private consultant or the one-to-one interview can make decision and provide the final solutions for customers. Nevertheless, the limitation is the point of view from single person is partial, and mistakes might easily be made. Therefore, the Panelist is more suitable method than focus group and one-to-one interview for customers, because it’s not only more effective and accurate but it can be customized according to the customers’ demand.




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