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Consultants for China Market Entry

Our consultant team provides our customers with the market intelligence they need to develop insights and strategic growth plans in China, including those aspects: allocation of investment, store-checks, image analysis, habits of consumption, etc. We try to use the most accurate data and information to inspire our clients how to grow strategically and seize advantage of growth opportunities with actionable initiatives. Due to our familiarity to China market and professionalism of independent market research, you can rely on us for unbiased historic trends and forecasts in this country. All the customized tools which may do good to your China market entry will be offered.

It is our prudent methodologies and our professional research team that  confer on us confidence in meeting demands of our clients. Recommendations provided by project managers and China-based consultants are as operational as possible to ensure the consistency of our research.

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To assist you in your China market entry, our consultants use the best methodologies

Our China consultants’ team put emphasis on details that may give you powerful access to the real story behind slight change of market.We offer an attentive service,trying our best to work as related as we can to our clients.

We guide you in identifying your market, drive you to choose the properest location, conduct valuable market research,  support you to hire qualified staff and provide you knowledge and expertise on due diligence. To optimize each of these step, we may use various methodologies:

▪     Interview with Market experts(consultants or professors)

▪     Different kinds of Surveys: online survey, phone questionnaire, in-store interview

▪     Analysis and comparison of competitors, competing media plans by desk research

▪     Interviews with competitors through various methods

▪     Synthesis of internal documents, etc.

Our approach is practical and oriented to key drivers of growth

Our team of foreign and Chinese consultants aims at assisting you in the development of strategies customized to your specific market in China with a comprehensive understanding of this market. Still, as we consider that a China market entry should include the support that make you easier to fulfill your strategy in China and we go on informing you of information about trend and further opportunities of development in China.

We hold a strong believe that Consulting is related to mutual investment and share of idea and expertise. Working closely with your staff to have leverage with your company’s competitive merit in the most suitable way in China. Your specialty of your own activity should be combined with our information and data on China market such as tastes of local customer, local regulation and local competition so that you can are more likely to achieve a success in this market.

Because China market Entry is also about cross-cultural adaptation, we are glad to work with international teams. Meanwhile  we provide you multi-language and multi-cultural services.  In addition, professional business training for you and your staff to adapt to a specific and complex market efficiently is offered by our team.